The Alt Club Reviews "Where the Heart Belongs" EP

Posted on May 12th, 2021

It's always a great feeling as an artist to see reviews of anything you put out. Sometimes reviews aren't so favorable, and there's something you can learn and take with you to build from. Then sometimes reviews just make you feel good.

The great people over at The Alt Club took time to review our new EP "Where the Heart Belongs" and we definitely feel great about what they had to say.

Click here to read the review for yourself.

"Where the Heart Belongs" is out NOW on all streaming platforms and merch bundles are available here on our site!

Listen to "Bones" on IDOBI RADIO

Posted on April 25th, 2021

Thanks to the great team at Idobi Radio, you can now hear our latest single "Bones" playing in the Fresh Picks rotation!

Click here to listen!

For those unfamiliar, Idobi Radio is an internet radio station broadcasting 24/7 alternative rock music with a mainstream focus, while sister stations Idobi Howl (hardcore), and Idobi Anthm (indie) host playlists that appeal to more eclectic tastes within a broader spectrum of "alternative music".

Special thanks to our team at Carry The 4 PR for landing this feature!

"Bones" Featured on VENTS MAGAZINE

Posted on April 16th, 2021

We're stoked to have the news about the release of our latest single "Bones" picked up by VENTS MAGAZINE.


Vents Magazine is the premier online publication for music news, entertainment, movies, and other articles online. Established in 2009, and run by a team of dedicated volunteers who love music. We also run a digital magazine, and Frame by Sound Festival.

Special thanks to our team at Carry The 4 PR for landing this feature!

"Bones" write up on THE ROCK SOURCE MAGAZINE

Posted on April 14th, 2021

Huge thanks to the people at THE ROCK SOURCE MAGAZINE for covering the release of our latest single "Bones".


The Rock Source is passionate about the broad spectrum of the rock genre. From classic rock to current rock and everything in between. Whether it’s more pop-oriented rock, heavy metal, straight-ahead rock and roll, alternative, blues, blues-rock, or punk – whatever you want to call it, if it ROCKS they love it!